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Freight Consultants


A freight consultant or logistics consultant helps companies develop cost-effective solutions for supply chain, warehouse, material handling, and transportation related issues. Freight consultants analyze information to identify and solve any logistics and supply chain operation problems for their clients. Through strategic planning, information technology advances, and cost analysis, logistics consultants improve the company's supply chain profitability and performance. Effective freight consultants display a high level of problem solving, critical thinking and organizational skills. They work in industries such as transportation, supply chain distribution and material handling.


As it relates to the transportation industry, effective logistics consultants require a clear understanding of the pricing and service levels of international, national, regional as well as local trucking companies. In addition, a strong knowledge of varied modes of transportation such as truck, air, sea and plane is required in order to make proper decisions. Also, difference services requirements must be understood to meet the types of truck (for example, dry van trailer, box truck, expedited, refrigerated, flatbed etc.) hazardous material. Finally, logistic consultants who understand the effects of government regulation, fuel costs, driver shortages, etc. will provide needed input in the decision making process.


 At ATC Express, our team of freight and logistics consultants has a lifetime of carrier and logistics experience. We can bring together a team of individuals who have extensive leadership and management experience customized to meet the unique requirements of your company’s objectives.

We have a proven track record of success in the transportation and logistics industries. In combination with a comprehensive and current understanding of shipper and supply chain requirements, ATC Express is a great resource if you are seeking to improve the profitability of your transportation without having to hire additional personnel. We can assess and, more importantly, implement improvements based on your priorities and timelines.