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New York Freight Plan, What you need to know

About the Plan


The New York State Department of Transportation is developing a statewide freight plan that will be a comprehensive guide governing short and long term strategies and capital investments impacting the movement of freight. The Plan recognizes all modes of freight movement, including highway, rail, marine ports and inland waterways, air, and pipeline, as well as an accompanying focus on intermodal terminals, where freight changes between modes.


The Plan will be used to:


  • Understand why, how, where and when freight moves - and is anticipated to move - in New York State and how it supports the State's economy;
  • Create a structure for continuous interaction between freight stakeholders and NYSDOT;
  • Identify priority near and long-term investment needs for freight infrastructure and operations; and
  • Provide a roadmap for investing in freight supportive projects and programs that foster economic vitality and quality of life for New Yorkers.


New York State DRAFT Freight Transportation Goals


The goals listed below have been developed in alignment with the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) Federal legislation, designated national freight goals and existing priorities for New York State:


  • Invest for the Future - New York State’s freight transportation system will anticipate future freight growth, and ensure the most efficient movement of goods in all modes.
  • Build Partnerships - Engage partners to develop a strategic framework to advance high priority freight transportation projects and strategies.
  • Ensure Safety & Security - The freight transportation system must be safe, secure and be designed to be resilient to the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.
  • Provide Sound and Efficient Infrastructure - Identify infrastructure and innovative technology investments and operational strategies to ensure a state of good repair and efficiency for multi-modal freight movement.
  • Foster Economic Competitiveness - Strengthen national and global competitiveness for existing and emerging freight-centered business and activity in New York State.
  • Respect the Environment - Provide efficient goods movement through a connected multimodal infrastructure that supports the most fuel efficient, economical and sustainable freight movement and delivery.